Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH)

KIOCH-Damak Children’s Hospital

Damak Municipality-7, Jhapa, Province No. 1

While delivering our phase 1 activities, we received demand from provincial partners to establish a satellite children’s hospital in Province 1. Accordingly, agreement has been reached with Red Cross Damak, Jhapa, for a long-term free lease of a near complete hospital building to establish a satellite children’s hospital. Preparatory works are now underway to start the satellite hospital at Damak. The KIOCH team considered Damak’s project, originally planned as a phase II activity, as an opportunity to provide high quality Pediatric care, especially since the Ministry of Health and Population predicted that a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to affect children in higher numbers for Nepal. The Province 1 Government will also provide partial support to this provincial children’s hospital.

According to the 2011 census, there are around 4.5 million people in the province 1, with a population density of 175.6 per square kilometer. Damak is one of the important cities of Jhapa District. The current population of Jhapa is 812,650 (census 2011) and the average population density is around 400 people per square km. Jhapa adjoins two other big districts of Nepal, namely Morang and Ilam. It also serves as the gateway for Pachthar and Taplejung, two northern districts of province One. The total direct catchment population for the Damak Children’s Hospital is around 2 million population with approximately 800,000 children.


Map of Jhapa district:


The following services shall be provided from this hospital at Damak, Jhapa:

All general pediatric care, pediatric emergencies, neonatal critical care, pediatric critical care, and selected sub-specialty pediatric care will be provided by this hospital. The hospital will have basic laboratory and radiological diagnostic services. The hospital will also serve as our focal point for preventive and community pediatric services in Province One. We shall be prepared for the care of children if third wave of Covid-19 struck Nepal.

The following facilities will be established at the KIOCH Damak Children’s hospital:

Emergency beds






IPD General beds 26 + Cabin beds 7


Operating Room


OPD clinics


Laboratory: (hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, parasitology)


Radiology: X-ray, ultrasound, Echocardiography, Doppler study


Service Units: Oxygen manifold, vacuum, Water treatment plant, Laundry, HVAC


Total Beds:



Currently available building:

Damak%20full%20building%20.JPG ../damak%20drawings/Damak%203D%201%20.jpg

              current building                                                                         Future Design


The existing building is built as per the building code of Nepal. But this needs finishing work and internal partitioning is some wards. The blood bank is functioning well and laboratory  equipment is already available now. But we need to add equipment for emergency room, operating room, PICU, NICU and (list of equipment attached in annex 1).  We shall have a team of competent and committed pediatricians, general doctors and their health care workers and thereby ensure quality care for children of Province 1.