Announcement Title
Invitation of Proposal (Bid) for Engineering Consulting Service


Budhanilakantha -7, Kathmandu


Invitation of Proposal (Bid) for Engineering Consulting Service

Published on: 12 January 2021


KATHMANDU INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH (KIOCH, the "client/Employer/Owner") is planning to establish A 200 BED STATE OF ARTS Children's Hospital at its premises at Budhanilakantha Municipality, Ward No. – 07, Hepali Height with an objective of providing quality hospital facilities to the Children.

The Client intends to build a 200 Bed Hospital at Budhanilakantha, Ward No. – 07, Hepali Height and has invited notice for submission of proposal (bid) from eligible engineering or Architectural consulting firms for the Optimization and preparation of detailed Architectural Design, Detailed Structural Analysis & design and drawings of all Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) services including Construction Supervision and Project Management.

1.                                        The main objectives of the consulting service for Optimization and preparation of detailed Architectural Design, Detailed Structural Analysis with structure drawings including all details & design and drawings of all MEP and HVAC services including Construction Supervision and Project Management for the establishment of 200 bed Children's Hospital.

2.         The brief scope of consulting services to be provided by the consultant shall comprise the following:

  • Optimization and preparation of detailed architectural working drawings/ details drawings based on the design prepared by the client.
  • Detailed Engineering Design (Structural with detail working drawings, Mechanical including, Electrical and plumbing including detailed design and drawings of solid waste management and, sewerage and waste water treatment system.
  • Detail Interior Design and drawings.
  • Landscape design drawings.
  • Detail design and drawings of Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC).
  • Land development design drawings, including drive ways, paths, retaining structures, etc.
  • Design drawings of MGPS, water treatment plants, water storage, supply system, and distribution networks
  • Preparation of Cost estimates and Bill of Quantities
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications of all works.
  • Preparation of Municipal Drawings and its approval.
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents.
  • Preparation of any other documents if necessary for the construction permit.
  • Construction Supervision and Entire Project Management.


  1. Detailed Design and Quantity/Cost Estimates

Based on the collected information, analysis, and results of the discussions mentioned above, the Consultant shall perform a detailed design of the proposed KIOCH facility, following the codes of Indian Standard (IS) and Nepal National Building Code (NBC-1994), concerned Norms, Rules, and Regulations of the Budhanilkantha Municipality, or other relevant guidelines. The list of all reference literature and materials shall be provided on the detailed design document. The design will, to the extent possible, be guided by environmental and climatic factors. The Consultants shall produce the detailed design and all architectural, structural, including  structure design review as and when required, sanitary, electrical, and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) drawings as per Municipality and Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) Norms, Rules, and Regulations and prepare all documents needed for approval from the Municipality.

The Consultant shall produce detailed quantity estimates of the building and its amenities. The Consultant shall collect information on sources of materials and their lead distances and prepare rate schedules and cost estimates based on the standard norms and prevailing district rates. Also, the Consultant should provide the specifications of the materials used. The Consultant shall:

  • The Consultant should carry out detailed architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary and HVAC design and drawings. The Consultant shall prepare working drawings of floor plans, elevations, and designs for all sections of all the buildings in the KIOCH complex. Plans should include 3D-views of the proposed complex. Auto Computer Aided Design (CAD) version of drawings and sketch ups or any other version for the soft copy of the 3D views should be submitted.
  • The Consultant should carry out detailed structure design/drawing and bid document of the proposed complex in coordination with the concerned authorities of KIOCH. The Consultant should prepare drawings of all the necessary details of the proposed design. The structure design should meet the requirements of IS Code, Indian Standard Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Nepal National Building Code and Municipality Norms, Rules, and Regulations. Furthermore, the Consultant should submit soft copies in the related software of structural analysis (e.g., Structural Analysis Program (SAP) including S2K files, Structural Analysis and Design (STAAD) Pro, Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems (ETABS),  etc.) and Auto CAD version of all drawings to KIOCH. The Consultant should also submit the design report of the proposed KIOCH complex.
  • Prepare detail working drawings comprising of architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary, HVAC, acoustical works of KIOCH complex including landscaping, other amenities and site development works as proposed by the design. All necessary detailing shall be leveled and provided so as to assist in project implementation.

Consultant Deliverables

Detailed Structural Analysis with Architectural and Engineering Design and Drawings, Specification, Cost estimate, BOQ and Bid document. In addition, review all the designs as and when required as per site and construction condition.


3.         Interested eligible consultants may obtain further information free of cost at the address:

Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH)

Budhanilakantha Municipality, Ward No 07, Hepali Height, Kathmandu, Nepal


4.         Complete RFP Document may be obtained from KIOCH office during office hours upon producing bank voucher of NRS 5000.00 deposited at its bank account 001010010004971 at Sanima Bank Ltd., Naxal. The Last date for submission of Bid is on 16th days from the publication of Notice Inviting proposal).

            Last submission of bid   : 16th day from the date of publication of notice, and the last submission time is 12:00 Hours.

            Bid opening day             : 14:00 hours on the same day.              

  1. Maximum two Joint Venture (JV) firms will be permitted for this proposal.
  2. The proposal shall remain open for acceptance for a period of forty five (45) days from the date of opening of BID
  3. Consultants are advised to visit the Project site, to appraise them adequately to the extent required for preparation and submission of Bids, well in time. Client reserves the right to cancel the Bidding process at any time before award of contract.
  4. A firm will be selected under QCBS, and procedures described in this RFP.
  5. KIOCH reserves rights to accept or reject of the proposal (s) without assigning any reason whatsoever.